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AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n01 AdrienneBarbeau-n01 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n03 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n05 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n04

AdrienneBarbeau-n02 AdrienneBarbeau-n03 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n06 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n02 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)n07

**** These are some of her best nudes ever (from about 20-25 years ago).

Not only does she flaunt her tits, but you get a rare glimpse of her butt as well.

The ones where she's hanging all over that guy are expecially hot.

AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety(Zonononzor)n01 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n01 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n02 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n03

AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n04 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n05 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n06 AdrienneBarbeau-HighSociety-n07

**** These are from a 1980 issue of "High Society" magazine. You get a

great look at her enormous juggs from every angle. The first one is by

"ZonononZor" - don't know who did the others.

AdrienneBarbeau-r01 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)s01 AdrienneBarbeau(Boatfan)s02 *** The first one, with the cleavage, may be my favorite one of all.

The other 2 by "Boatfan" are keepers, showing her both now and then.

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