Catherine Bell - "Hotline: The Brunch Club"

(sound - 28.8 mb) *****

A guy undresses her, which you see from a distance,

then the camera zooms in for his hand to give her right

tit a lift and bounce. Then it's sex in a chair and a good

look at her butt.


(sound - 16.5 mb) *****

Here's a classic MADCap version of the same scene.

CatherineBell-Hotline(MADCap)n01a CatherineBell-Hotline(MADCap)n01b CatherineBell-Hotline(MADCap)n01c CatherineBell-Hotline(MADCap)n01d CatherineBell-Hotline(MADCap)n01e

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