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(sound - 4.8 mb) ***

At a recent Oscars ceremony, she dared to do a slight

Jennifer Lopez impression by wearing a very low-cut

dress. Unfortunately we can't see much of anything,

but she gets a "B+" for effort.

SandraBullock-AcademyAwards(RJL)s01a SandraBullock-AcademyAwards(RJL)s01b SandraBullock-AcademyAwards(RJL)s01c SandraBullock-AcademyAwards(RJL)s01d SandraBullock-AcademyAwards(RJL)s01e

(sound - 3.4 mb) ***

HOT - HOT - HOT! These are very clear, sharp DVD versions

of the her only nude scene in a movie. Clips 2 & 3 perfect for

looping. You get semi-clear looks at her left titty and her butt

from an overhead angle - unusually great stuff for her.

SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n01a SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n01b SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n01c

(sound - 5.6 mb) *****

This is Part 2 from above.

SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n02a SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n02b SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n02c SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n02d SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n02e

(sound - 5.9 mb) *****

This is Part 3 from above.

SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n03a SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n03b SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n03c SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n03d SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(BadCat)n03e

(sound - 10.8 mb) *****

This features the entire scene, without breaks It's

considerably brighter than the 3 clips above and almost

as good high-quality.

SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(Jazz)n01a SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(Jazz)n01b SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(Jazz)n01c SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(Jazz)n01d SandraBullock-FireontheAmazon(Jazz)n01e

(sound - 4.7 mb) ***

Not only do you see her in her underwear, but you get to

hear what a potty-mouth she can have. I like it for that

reason alone.

SandraBullock-ForcesofNature(Jazz)r01a SandraBullock-ForcesofNature(Jazz)r01b SandraBullock-ForcesofNature(Jazz)r01c SandraBullock-ForcesofNature(Jazz)r01d SandraBullock-ForcesofNature(Jazz)r01e

(sound - 2.5 mb) ***

She gets undressed and takes a shower, but we only see

extreme close-ups of PG-rated body parts. The best part

is seeing to top of her butt crack and the general

smoothness of her skin. In clip #2 you see her "getting

down" with a boy on a bed, stripping down to her undies.

SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)r01a SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)r01b SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)r01c SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)r01d SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)r01e

(sound - 3.4 mb) ***

This is Part 2 from above.

SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)s01a SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)s01b SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)s01c SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)s01d SandraBullock-WhoShotPat(MADCap)s01e

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