Sandra Bullock revealing & barefoot pictures
SandraBullock-Premiere-b01 SandraBullock-Premiere(TheloniusMonk)b01 SandraBullock-Premiere(Scorpion)s01 SandraBullock-Premiere-s01 **** These are my new favorite pictures of her. The more

you study each one, the more skin you see, so they're fun as

well as hot. Nice feet - great legs - and some bare butt action

- WOW.

SandraBullock(Dr.Gil)r01 SandraBullock(Maelstrom'sEye)r01 SandraBullock-r09 SandraBullock-r10 SandraBullock(Scanman)r01 SandraBullock(Swain)s01

SandraBullock-s12 SandraBullock-r01 SandraBullock-r02 SandraBullock-r03 SandraBullock(mansn)r01 SandraBullock-r11

SandraBullock-r04 SandraBullock-r05 SandraBullock-r06 SandraBullock-r13 SandraBullock-r12 SandraBullock-s26

SandraBullock-s04 SandraBullock-s37 SandraBullock-s38 SandraBullock-r07 SandraBullock-r14 SandraBullock-r08

**** Of all the magazine spreads I've seen her do, these are

the more revealing. Some of them are long-time classics and a

few a fairly recent see-throughs. I found a couple especially

good scans of the old breast-cupping photos, in the second row.

SandraBullock-Gong-s01 SandraBullock-Gong-r01 SandraBullock-Gong-s04 SandraBullock-Gong-s05

SandraBullock-Gong-s02 SandraBullock-Gong-s06 SandraBullock-Gong-s03

**** Part of the all-time classic series, this is probably the

very first magazine photo-shoot she did that was really

memorable. In a German magazine named "Gong", she first

bared some skin for us with a real sexual purpose.

SandraBullock-b01 SandraBullock(Cher)b01 SandraBullock(Emmel)b02 SandraBullock-b14 SandraBullock(Emmel)b01

SandraBullock(YoungAlex)b01 SandraBullock(JenzScan)b01 SandraBullock-b05 SandraBullock-s32 SandraBullock-b02 SandraBullock(FeetforAll)b01 SandraBullock(FeetforAll)b02

SandraBullock-b03 SandraBullock-b04 SandraBullock-b06 SandraBullock-b07 SandraBullock(LordLucan)b01

SandraBullock-b08 SandraBullock-b09 SandraBullock-b10 SandraBullock-b11 SandraBullock-s39

SandraBullock-b13 SandraBullock-b12 SandraBullock-InStyle(Maelstrom'sEye)b01 SandraBullock-s42 SandraBullock-s45 SandraBullock-VanityFair-b01

SandraBullock-InStyle(DaRed)b01 SandraBullock-InStyle-b02 SandraBullock-InStyle-b01 SandraBullock-InStyle-b04 SandraBullock-InStyle-b03

**** This section is concentrated bare feet - and Sandra's are

getting more tempting all the time. Turning us on with her tootsies

is something she's getting better at as time goes on.

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