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There are a lot of sites featuring female celebrities on the web, but only a few are worthwhile.



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I've been a big collector of pictures and videos of nude female celebrities for years before I realized that non nude material can be just as erotic. I then started adding revealing, sexy and barefoot stuff to the mix, forming a better and more balanced collection. I also realized that it's not just the young starlets that can be really hot, but many older celebrities are just as beautiful and sometimes even more enticing. Sexiness come in all forms and, since no two people have the same exact taste in women (and even your own taste may change over time), a large variety of new and old material is essential to satisfy everybody.

The key to obtaining the best selection of high-quality material (other than making it yourself) is to simply learn what's hot, know where to find it and have the time to get it. I finally learned where the best scanners, vidcappers and movie clip makers hang out on the internet and I have the time to get their stuff for us. I also have a couple of friends who help me out by making original material for this site and I, myself, do some occasional scanning. Combining everything together makes for one huge library that just grows and grows. It's hard to keep up with everything sometimes, but we keep trying.

Let me briefly introduce the 2 webmasters who collectively make up this site(s). I go by the nickname "Bashful Monkey" and my friend calls himself "Aesthete". "Bashful Monkey" (me) has been collecting and scanning since the early 1990's and I've seen the web change drastically over the years. Almost all of the files collected from the web and posted here are done so by me. "Aesthete" makes all his own BIG-screen movie clips (and video capture collages to go with them) and they're some of the most sought-after files on the web for knowledgeable collectors. His own catalog has become very large and it's something you may have to see to believe. The two of us, acting as a team, form a fine duo who together offer a unique selection of female celebrity images that are both still and moving. Please give us a look.

(All nude models are over 18)