Laura Schlessinger (Dr.) x-rated & nude pictures
LauraSchlessinger-x01 LauraSchlessinger(ZonononZor)x01 LauraSchlessinger-x02 LauraSchlessinger-x03

LauraSchlessinger-x04 LauraSchlessinger-x05 LauraSchlessinger-x06

***** An old boyfriend of this nationally famous

talk show host took these super-racy snapshots of

her when she was in her mid-20's. The snatch photo

is the only x-rated one, but we now have it in 2 very

close-up scans. The first one is new (and very large)

and the rest are the best versions of ones you may

have seen before.

LauraSchlessinger-n01 LauraSchlessinger-n03 LauraSchlessinger-n02 LauraSchlessinger(ZonononZor)n03 LauraSchlessinger-n04

LauraSchlessinger(ZonononZor)n01 LauraSchlessinger(ZonononZor)n02 LauraSchlessinger-n11 LauraSchlessinger-n05

***** Most of these nudes are good-quality, large

versions of those crappy little pictures that were

going around the web previously. Her youthful tits

and bushy mound never looked better.

LauraSchlessinger-n06 LauraSchlessinger-n07 LauraSchlessinger-n13 LauraSchlessinger-n15 LauraSchlessinger-n14

LauraSchlessinger-n18 LauraSchlessinger-n17 LauraSchlessinger-n16 LauraSchlessinger-n09 LauraSchlessinger-n08

LauraSchlessinger-n20 LauraSchlessinger-n19 LauraSchlessinger-n12 LauraSchlessinger-n10 LauraSchlessinger-r01 LauraSchlessinger-r02

**** Of the smaller photos I've seen that don't

exactly match any of the higher-quality versions

above, these are the best.

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